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Saundra C. Blum, MS, CHT, CRT, is an author of 2 books, soon to be published: "Footsteps through the Sands of Time - Past Life Dramas, Present Life Lessons"; and "Validation through Divine Intervention". Saundra received her Masters in Special Education and Counseling, and Certification in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Brief Psychotherapy. Saundra has been practicing Past Life Therapy for the last 25 years, with over 4,000 clients from workshops, trainings and private practice.

Saundra has sat on the Western Connecticut State Universities Board for Holistic Studies, IARRT's Board, and presently  sits on the Patient's Advisory Board at Northern Westchester Hospital.  She also has Co-Facilitated an Integrative Medical Group, The Katonah Study Group, with over 350 members at given times, holds experiential Past Life workshops once a month, has been a group leader for APART/IARRT in New York, has trained people from all over the world, helped coordinate and organize many conferences sponsored by APART/IARRT, and has given many workshops at the conferences as well.

She has a professional CD being sold on Amazon called, "Footsteps through the Sands of Time - A Guided Journey for Relaxation, Regression and Meditation".

Saundra has been on Fox 5 National News and local cable stations such as Beyond the Realm out of White Plains, discussing Past Life Regression Therapy. She has been written up in The Bedford Record and other local newspapers, as well as Westchester's magazine, The Hudson Valley Magazine. Saundra also lectures to colleagues in  the mental health field, medical field, centers and at Universities.

Saundra's work is primarily past life centered. She uses hypnosis, crystals, energy work, breath work, clairvoyance and mother earth energy to empower her clients to heal themselves. She will always go to the root of an issue and clear out the blocks not allowing her clients to heal. Lessons are always part of the healing, connection to the intention and integration. The client leaves understanding the clearing, their role in healing, and how to go forward using the information.

* Masters Degree in Special Education and Counseling
* Certification in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Brief Psychotherapy
* Certificates in Advanced Past Life Therapy
* Energy Work
* Crystal Work
* Breath Work
* Hypnosis for Smoking, Weight loss, Relaxation, Fears, Phobias, medical issues, anxiety, performance, and relationships, etc.
* Spiritual connection and guidance