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Breakthroughs to the Unconscious®
3106 Sounding Drive
Edgewood, MD 21040 USA
USA Telephone 410-404-2997
Website: www.JanetCunningham.com
E-Mail: info@JanetCunningham.com
  • Owner of Breakthroughs to the Unconscious®, located in Columbia, MD
  • Internationally known and board certified specialist in regression therapy
  • Transpersonal Counselor
  • Seminar Leader
  • Author of 3 books:
    • A Tribe Returned
    • Inner-Selves: The Feminine* Path to Weight Loss
      (*for men and women who value their intuitive nature)
    • co-author of Caution: Soul Mate Ahead!
  • President, International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, Inc. (formerly Assoc for Past Life Research and Therapies)
  • Vice President, International Board of Regression Therapy
  • Medical Advisory Board for the Complementary Care Company in MD

International Speaker

  • China - A Soul's Journey for health professionals to learn about eastern healing methods.
  • Egypt - Co-leader for a seminar for health professionals who remember their past lives.
  • Eastern Caribbean - Featured Speaker - Past Lives and Dreaming cruise
  • Western Caribbean - Featured Speaker - Past Life cruise
  • Nova Scotia - Featured Speaker - Discover your Past Lives cruise

Other Authors who have written about Janet's Work

  • Sharing the Light by Georgia Shakti-Hill
  • Echoes of Medieval Halls by Barbara Lane
  • Past Life Therapy: A Handbook for Professionals by Winafred Lucas, Ph.D.
  • Reincarnation: True Stories of Past Lives by Roy Stemman
  • Past Life Therapy: The State of the Art by Rabia Clark, Ph.D.
  • Reincarnation International magazine, edited by Roy Stemman in London.
  • A Cord of Light by Jane E. Bardon, Ph.D.

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